- pelleted alfalfa hay;
- pelleted grass hay;
- pelleted mix "alfalfa & grass" hay;
- pelleted straw.
All pelleted products can be delivered in bulk, big-bags (1000 kg) or bags (15 – 25 kg).

Alfalfa leaf pellet - is a protein concentrate with a crude protein content of 25-35%, low crude fiber (up to 15%). It is a direct substitute to meal and protein concentrates with excellent amino acid profile and a high digestibility of organic matter. The leaf pellet is an excellent protein supplement to the diets of farm animals, including all types of ruminants, horses, birds, rabbits, pigs, etc.

Stem pellet - is a perfect substitute for hay with crude protein content of 8% to 18% and crude fiber under 45%. Diameter of stem pellets is 14mm (or 16mm) with a fiber length of 7-14mm. Stems are not milled into powder but chopped to save full structure that is essential for ruminants. Unlike hay, stem pellets are much cheaper to transport due to their high density, much easier to mix with other feed components and distribute to animals. Total loss of dry matter during transportation, storage, mixing, distribution and feeding of stem pellets is significantly lower than that of hay.

Stem pellets are suitable for feeding all herbivores as the main roughage and structured feed.
Grass hay and "alfalfa & grass" mixed hay is also pelleted with a diameter of 14mm (16mm) with a fiber cut length (7-14mm). It is a complete substitute for grass hay with the same handling advantages as alfalfa stem pellets.
Straw pellets – produced on request.

- alfalfa haylage;
- alfalfa-grass haylage;
- grass haylage.
For larger farms haylage is offered in plastic wrapped bales of 700-800 kg (D130*H120cm). For small farms and consumer market haylage is offered in 25 kg bags (600 x 400 x 220mm).
Standard truck can take up to 34 bales (long truck can take up to 38 bales), but usually 28 bales are loaded to reach 22-ton maximum load.

- alfalfa hay;
- grass hay;
- alfalfa-grass mixed hay.
Hay is offered in large round bales (D125-D168*H120cm) with mass of 300 to 600 kg highly dependable on bale diameter.
For smaller farmers hay is offered in L60*W40*H22cm consumer bales of 10 kg.
Standard truck can take up to 34 bales with diameter of 130 cm (long truck can take up to 38 bales) with average overall load of 10 tons.

Mainly we offer wheat straw in round bales of 200 kg (D130*H120cm). Standard truck can take up to 34 bales with diameter of 130 cm (long truck can take up to 38 bales) with average overall load of 6.5 tons.

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