Since 2020, ALFA-FIDS LLC has been producing and selling alfalfa and grass pellets at an affordable price, as well as alfalfa and grass hay and haylage. Our farm is in Alexin district of the Tula region, 160 km south from Moscow. Our team has years of experience in cultivation and processing of forage grasses. Progressive agronomy, modern agriculture machinery and innovative processing techniques are main focuses of our production. We cultivate alfalfa and grass of Russian, Dutch, German, Canadian and other genetics. We are customer oriented and ready to work out best feed for specific demand.

Green mass of grasses and shrubs was the base of the diet of horses, cows, sheep, goats and other herbivores in the process of evolution. Ancestors of domesticated herbivores had little chance to find any amount of plant seeds, grain, root vegetables or other high calory feeds that could affect the evolution of their digestive system.
Modern high-tech farms use up to 80% of the green mass of cereals and legumes (structural feeds) in farm animals' diet while concentrates are added mainly to balance the composition of the ration. Increased volume of herbal fodder in farm animals' diet can significantly extent period of productive life, improve reproduction and save on veterinary expenses.

Farm and factory address:

Russian Federation, Tula Region, Alexin District, Avangard village.

Postal address:

301361, Tula region, Aleksinsky district, the town of Aleksin, ul. Lenina 1B, Floor –3,
office №304-А.

Working hours:

Daily from 09: 00 to 20: 00



Sergey Pospelov


Sales Department

Leonid Boiko

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